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We have added pictures of all our rental cabins here at Fish Lake Utah. Please look through the pictures and give us a call when you have found the cabin you are interested in renting.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rustic 6 person Camping Cabin #14 at Lakeside Resort - Fish Lake, Utah - Rustic Cabins

This Rustic Camping Cabin #14 is a 6 person cabin and is located at Lakeside Resort. It is a duplex cabin and is attached to Rustic Camping Cabin #13.  It has a kitchenette with refrigerator, stovetop (no oven), sink, and a table and chairs.  The bathroom has a shower (no tub).  There are two carpeted bedrooms which contain one double bed in each room.  These cabins are old and look it!  Bedding is provided, but no towels, cookware, or TV.  Cabins have very old furnishings and propane heat.  NO PETS.  Parking is limited to 2 vehicles (no trailers).

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